The First Evan

Water splashed against a still body lying on a beach, although that word and no other word had a meaning to him. He awoke. The beach, trees, cliffs, hills it was the first time he’d seen any of these sights. Yet there was no wonderment or surprise. When he thought of before, he saw himself […]

The Benefits of a Good Mentor

Since childhood I was taught that murder was the worst moral transgression. Whether it was killing an insect or the mortal sin of killing your brother. It was a deed not to be taken lightly. So as I sat and listened to John Marshall’s sentencing of unintentional manslaughter, I felt his crime was treated as […]

Cousins in platonic love, Cousins at odds

The night sky was clear as the starlight lit Jalop and Tarrina. Jalop was five years older than his cousin. They were both sweating as the warm air rose up to the bluff, where they were parked. Their heads were resting on the windshield and the red lights of airplanes distracted them from the shimmering […]

Aspirations of an Opinion Columnist

Horses’ hooves clomped as they circled the corral. Near the barn, sat Endalyn on a stool with Praetus’ hoof. She cleaned it, grabbed her hammer and a horseshoe and nailed it onto the animal. He was the last horse that needed to be reshoed. Endalyn went to the barn and filled the troff with grain. […]

The Future of Attention Seeking

The photograph, which was a rare decoration in the twenty-second century, was of Tatina and her sister. They were throwing a ball to each other. Tatina was the larger of the two in the photograph. She looked at the photo and felt excited that she would be seeing her sister soon. But first she would […]