The Blind Man and the Contraption

Dust kicked up as Amparo and Deshawn walked to the worksite on a cool Wednesday morning. Their village’s sole claim to fame was an oversized pumpkin they had grown and presented at the regional fair six years ago. They were also known for their eggs, more specifically the rich, golden yolks that inspired egg admirers […]

Post-Amherst Pt. 2

(This is part two of a story I am serializing.  In part one we were introduced to Rupert and his wife.  Also a brief explanation was given of the destruction that had occurred on the East Coast of the US.  The public has come to call the disasters The Three Punch.   Pt. 1 can […]

Logan’s Laws

As the numbers on the display flipped over and counted a new date, a new law was instituted and simultaneously an old law removed. All the home screens on devices in Hillside flashed – No utensil larger than a ham roast may be used today. This had become the routine. Only ten years ago the […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Read My Short Stories

Here is the sales pitch for my work. Writing this goes against my understanding of both literature and my instincts. I’ve been writing privately for about ten years, perhaps a little longer. When I say privately I mean I have written substantial pieces but have not shared them with more than one or two people. […]

Post-Amherst pt. 1

(I would like to make this a serialized story.  As of yet I do not have a conclusion outlined, but I have three other parts (about the same length as this), that I need to edit.  I hope you enjoy.  Thanks, as always, for reading)   Post-Amherst pt. 1     With wealth like Sally […]